Swire Mariners Association


SMA stalwarts are to be found dotty (sorry, dotted) all over the globe … the sun’s always over the yardarm somewhere.

The many outposts of the SMA Empire

Membership of the SMA is open to all old hands from China Navigation Co. Ltd. and Swire Pacific Offshore.

You can apply online for membership using the online form here, or you can email Paul Bundy at paulbundy58@outlook.com for details.

Subscription to the SMA is only £15 a year as things stand. Members are asked (begged, implored, etc.) to remember to pay up in order to keep costs, and Paul’s blood pressure, down. A major benefit of shelling out the yearly coinage is a listing in the membership section. It’ll leave more in the beer kitty, too.

If you are incorrectly listed, our shiny new membership system on the website will allow you to log in and update your own membership details. If you are having trouble with this, are absent without leave, or dead, let Chris know and we’ll update things for you. Notification of being dead drunk is not required.

Once you are logged in, you can write instantly to any member (whose name is underlined) by clicking on the name. If you know of listed members’ e-mail addresses that are not linked here, please notify the SMA. Thanks. The numbers are U.K. telephone numbers unless otherwise notated …

Paul Bundy

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