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The grand city of Oxford is to be the venue for our annual weekend in 2018, to include a visit to Blenheim Palace and dinner at Eynsham Hall. Posh, our lot. Dates for your calendar are September 22nd-24th. Hopefully, we’ll be able to bring our own Oxford Dons (Haythornthwaite? Ramsey?) but we’re sure there’ll be enough to go round. Watch this space and/or stay in touch with Stu for more details of this cultural caper.

Note that it has been decided by majority vote of the SMAmbership that wives are welcome to attend the annual weekends but must make their own arrangements for the Saturday night. Leave your rolling pins at home, please, ladies!

It is intended that members have an opportunity to get together once a year and, to date, annual weekends have been successfully arranged in Bournemouth (1997), Scarborough (1998), Bristol (1999), Chester (2000), Portsmouth (2001) north of ye border in Dundee (2002), Chatham (2003), Plymouth (2004) and more recently, in York (2005), Falkirk (2006), Chepstow (2007) and Newcastle-on-Tyne (2008). The venue for 2009 was Warwick, or close enough, and Hartlepool was invaded in 2010. The French were repelled from Dover (as, probably, were most who approached the SMA crowd in the bar) in 2011. In 2012, an enthusiastic crowd descended upon unsuspecting Hull, and 2013 spawned jollies around sunny Paignton. 2014’s frivolity was in Glasgow, which caused most of the Glasgie locals to vote for Scottish independence, albeit to no avail. Then Portsmouth welcomed Jolly Jack once more in 2015, and Newcastle once more in 2016.

Members usually congregate cordially on the Friday night and gregariously and expansively socialise until sometime on Sunday or whenever they fall over: whichever comes first.  The degree of social intercourse is optional, but members have been known to become legends in their own lunchtime.  Wallets are mandatory, and must be unlocked. Pictures of most of these historic occasions are linked above or are to be found from our Photos page, as received.

2009 Waverley Outing


The SMA Summer Thames Cruises have proved to be a great success: see sample pictures linked from our gallery. Wives are included: after all, somebody has to row.

Stand by for news of plans for 2017… potentially June 29th Kingston > Kew > Kingston.

Review the delights of our gentle summer cruise on the Avon in July 2016 on the good ship ‘Balmoral’.

The SMA took to the river once more in June 2015. Ale (all of it) and wine were taken. This could become a habit.

The Maidenhead madness of 2014 seemed to go to plan – even the Secretary caught the boat, this time around. Pictures are linked here.

The Summer Gathering 2013 was on June 27th, so if you are still waiting for it, you missed it. The Press Gang was at Westminster Pier for 1100 hours, and the good ship Summat-Or-Other conveyed those attending to Greenwich and the Cutty Sark. All except the Secretary, that is, but you’ll have to read the report for details. Luncheon and libations were taken at the Cutty Sark Pub (where else?).

2012 saw a splendid Thames cruise from Windsor on June 14th. Her Majesty declined to join the voyage, as she had already been boating that month…

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